Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Game Drawings

Finished Product
In art, we used perspective to draw board games. First, we each chose a picture to draw from the board. We then drew the picture with pencil using vanishing points and a horizon line. Next, we painted it using watercolors and after that we went over it with colored pencils to highlight certain areas and add shadows. Using gradation, we overlapped and blended the colors to make the piece look more 3D. The values are very light in this piece because the water we mixed with paint sort of washes all dark color away. I feel like this was a fun project and I enjoyed most of it. I really liked when we painted it, although it was sort of frustrating at some points. Drawing it wasn't as fun, but I am pleased with my final product. There wasn't anything exceptionally challenging about this piece; I feel like everything about it was pretty simple and straight-forward. If I could do this again, I would probably make the purple color in the cards lighter so you can read the words better. From this piece, I really learned how to use watercolors, something I haven't used since elementary school.

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