Friday, September 21, 2012

Value Portraits

Sorry, Miguel...
1.In art class, we made value portraits. To do this, Mr. Sands took a picture of each of the students in our class. He then printed them off and we each chose one by random. Each of the pictures had one half light and one half dark to help us practice shading. We then traced them onto tracing paper, which was very difficult because you couldn't see the darker side very well through the paper. We then transfered it onto a sheet in the notebook paper, outlined, and then shaded it.
2.To find the different values in the portrait, I used a value chart to help me determine how dark to shade each shape in the portrait. I also looked at the portrait and tried to find the darkest and the lightest. I then looked for the ones in between.
3.I think I used a full range of values because I have many different shades. If you look at the right side of the picture you can see his shirt there is very dark. However, his eye on the left side is very white with almost no shading.
4.I think that this was not executed very neatly because it was extremely difficult and frustrating to trace the portrait onto the tracing paper. Also, I feel like my different values in the portrait are not blended very well together, even though I used a blending tool. All in all, I feel like this was not my best project.
5. There were many obstacles in this drawing. I would have to say the hardest one to overcome was, as I previously said, tracing the picure with the tracing paper. I could hardly see anything on the darker side. To overcome this, I held it up to the light and tried to make out the shapes, but it was still difficult.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Moss Graffiti

Today in art, Mr. Sands made moss graffiti and we went outside to a sunny brick wall behind C building to draw with it. It was very fun and a new way to draw! Even though this piece wasn't challenging or tedious, it still showed us a lot about art and was definitely the most entertaining. And although most people used stored symbols, it still made for a very fun and original art progect.  Also, it gave me a new meaning to the word graffiti!

Tweety Bird's Skeleton

In art, we printed out cartoon characters and drew what we imagined their skeleton would look like. This was difficult because it was hard to imagine where each bone would go in their body. It was tedious work drawing each bone, but it was an interesting to see how the bones fit and the final piece is very cool and unique.