Monday, October 22, 2012

Elephant Print (Final Print)

Rolling the Paint
Final Print
In art class, we made prints of an animal and its background by drawing, carving, and stamping our animal. I feel that my final print is pretty good; there is a lot of texture in the elephant and in the blackground. I added this by carving out lines and dots in the picture. Texture is important because it makes the picture really come to life. I also added contrast by choosing a light color paint (yellow) and a dark color backgrond (black); contrast is important because it really makes the elephant pop out. I used the positive space for the main elephant and to add texture in the background and used negative space for the background and to add texture in the elephant. I think the craftmanship is okay - I didn't cut deep enough while carving which allowed paint to get in the tiny wells. Overall, I thought that this was an extremely fun project. I enjoyed the drawing of the elephant and the rolling of the paint onto our carving. However, I didn't enjoy the carving as much because it was difficult to carve out the really small details. In the end, it was very enjoyable and I feel good with my final project.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Elephant Print

1. Texture is extremely important to have in your sketches because it gives the viewer a more lifelike drawing that allows it to come to life. It helps the picture look real. It just makes the picture better in general when you use texture.
2.It is necessary to have several references for each animal and its background so that you can have different views of the animal. For example, if you want to know how the legs of an elephant look in detail but in one of the pictures the legs are covered with grass in one picture, you can find one where they are showing. You also need backgrounds to help you know what the backgroun of your picture should look like.
3. When I look at my pictures I am able to see which one is strongest and will make the best print based off the textures in the picture and how the background looks. I knew this one was the best because the elephant has a lot of wrinkles which makes for very good texture. Also, the trees and water in the background help the picture look real.

Chalk Mural

Work in Progress
Finished Product!

1.Working in teams was challenging because we were unable to choose our teammates. While choosing the idea, some of us thought we were doing a fishing boat while the others thought we were doing a giant caterpillar; we kept changing our decision, and when I finally thought we decided to do the boat, they switched and we ended up doing the giant caterpillar. While we were drawing it not all of my teammates were participating (especially during the last couple of days when it was important to get it done). However, in the end we got it all done and I am proud of our finished work.
2. When working on a team, it is very important to collaborate in order to get the work done in the most efficient and best way possible. Everybody has different ideas and skills, so it is best if everyone contributes. It is essential that while working together, everyone is a part of the team.
3. I feel that our final project is succesful, because it appears really 3-D and the colors blend well together, and it also makes for a very interesting interactive drawing. However, I feel like the whole time we were working on it was not succesful because my group was very difficult to work with. Also, not everyone contributed ideas and skills. 
4. I feel that creating artwork for the whole school to interact with is a very interesting and rewarding thing to do. It is very cool when you see everyone outside taking pictures with your art. It is also gives the artist a chance to brainstorm cool ideas and put their art in the community.