Monday, November 19, 2012


1. In photoshop, we transformed the image by changing the scale using anamorphosis to make the object longer.
2. Distorting and stretching the image made the picture changed based on the perspective the viewer adopted.
3. The important concepts in making this a successful project were using the grid carefully to transfer the picture, using colored pencils to add color and use a wide scale of values, and adding shadows to help make the picture look like it was standing up.


Leaning Tower of Pisa

1. To create the stencil, we changed our photo to black and white in photoshop by going to threshold, to create positive and negative space
2. When we created the collage background, I used newspaper clipppings, book pages, and magazine paper to create a unique, texturized background. I placed it evenly on the frame, having them overlapping. Mine didn't relate to the picture, I just wanted to include a variety of texture to make my picture better.
3. I cut out the negative space and left the postitive space. The spray paint would then become the positive space.
4. When using the xacto knife, you had to be careful not to cut your fingers becuase the blade was very sharp. I had to overcome challenges of my some pieces falling out that weren't supposed to because I cut the little pieces holding them together.
5. I felt like it was very fun to use the spray paint and even though it was very hard becuase I missed the first two days and the work was tedious, I like the finished project. I used contrast between the black and light blue as my color choices.