Art 1 Final Portfolio

1. My favorite project this year was the stencil. Although it was the most challenging, it was at the same time very fun. I feel like it is also one of my most successful projects. I think that the finished product turned out well, despite what i had originally thought. It was also my first time doing a stencil, so I learned a lot from it. I like how the colors contrast; the blue background is light and the black stencil is dark. I loved the feeling of accomplishment when I finally finished. Even though this was the hardest project, it was also my favorite.  

2. I think I learned most from the print project. It was one of our first big projects, so I didn't know what to expect. However, it turned out to be a really fun experience. I really like how there is a lot of texture in both the elephant and the background. Also, there is a lot of contrast between the black paper and the yellow elephant, making it pop out. This project really showed me that you need to use texture, contrast, and details in order to make a successful piece. It showed me how to use my time. It really prepared me for all the later projects.

3. The clay tile used skills from all the different projects we had done. All of the seashells and starfishes have a lot of texture, which we have been using since the elephant print. It also uses shading on the crab depending on where the light is coming from. We learned this by first creating a value scale and then drawing our classmates. We needed to mix colors together to create new colors too. We practiced doing this when we painted our canvases. Overall, this was the perfect project to finish out art. It forced us to use all the different skillls we have.

4. I think that the anamorphosis was the least important project from this semester. It did teach us to use photoshop to transform our object. However, the actual project didn't turn out like it was supposed to for most everyone in the class. The final picture was supposed to look like it was standing up when it was flat on a table. However nobody's in the class did that. I think it was pointless because it took a lot of work and then it didn't end up right. It took a couple of days that we could have used to do a different project. It was my least favorite project. 

5. This painting reflects me the most out of all the projects that we did. He sort of let us loose on this project. He just told us to pick three things for our fore-, middle-, and background and that we were going to paint them. I chose the beach because I love going there and always thought it would be fun to paint. I really loved doing this project; it was so fun mixing paints and choosing how you wanted each thing to look. I used the way we learned for painting clouds and I think they turned out really well. I also used shadows underneath the chairs to make the look more real. Overall, I really like how this piece turned out.

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