Monday, October 22, 2012

Elephant Print (Final Print)

Rolling the Paint
Final Print
In art class, we made prints of an animal and its background by drawing, carving, and stamping our animal. I feel that my final print is pretty good; there is a lot of texture in the elephant and in the blackground. I added this by carving out lines and dots in the picture. Texture is important because it makes the picture really come to life. I also added contrast by choosing a light color paint (yellow) and a dark color backgrond (black); contrast is important because it really makes the elephant pop out. I used the positive space for the main elephant and to add texture in the background and used negative space for the background and to add texture in the elephant. I think the craftmanship is okay - I didn't cut deep enough while carving which allowed paint to get in the tiny wells. Overall, I thought that this was an extremely fun project. I enjoyed the drawing of the elephant and the rolling of the paint onto our carving. However, I didn't enjoy the carving as much because it was difficult to carve out the really small details. In the end, it was very enjoyable and I feel good with my final project.


  1. I like the way that you showed the whole elephant, and there is good texture showing the skin of the elephant. I also like how there are lines in the background because it gives texture. Overall, I like your project!
    Justine Billings

  2. Your background has great texture and the elephant stands out. Your print is really cool :D

    1. Haha thanks! So is yours!! :) Also, is there XC practice this week?

  3. Hey Clood :)
    Your elephant picture looks really good! I did an elephant too! Your lines are really neat and I can see the texture of the elephant very well! Good job!!
    Caroline :)